The Romanticism of Water by Isaac Harris

​While everyone was studying for midterms, Tiana was studying water and ice magic. The ex-mercenary dug her butterscotch toes into the underwater soil of Ralston River. The water was cold and only went up to her ankles. With her black bow in hand, Tiana raised it towards a tree. She closed her eyes and began to concentrate. She pictured the water shifting and churning, taking the form of an arrow of ice. In reality small droplets of water rose from the river and began to surround Tiana. Tiana could feel the water spiral around her and tried to focus on it. She needed to tame the water and force it into an object of her desire, but this part always seemed too difficult for her. Sweat ran down the left side of her face as she tried to keep concentration. She tried to calm herself, listening to the slow rush of the river. Her feet tensed, sinking into the dirt. The water seemed so unruly, unlike fire and lightning she had to use water magic by pulling water form the atmosphere or a river or ocean, she couldn’t just make it. The water seemed so close as she tried to focus on it. However, as always it was too much. The pressure of manipulating water into her desire caused her face to perspire, and her legs grow weak. So much personal stamina and concentration throughout her failed trials had worn her down. She opened her eyes and the half formed arrow fell apart, splashing back into the river. Angry, Tiana threw her bow and slammed the river with her fist, scratching her knuckles upon the rocks. A light trail of blood quickly became lost in the ocean.​“Your trying to hard,” said a reassuring voice, “Water magic is all about letting things flow.”

​Tiana quickly turned to the right, to see a young man. The young man was wrapped in brown loose cloth and tight blue leather, leather boots protected his feet, and a brown hood covered his face, showing his shoulder length black hair.

​“Your that guy,” Tiana said, realizing who he was, “The guy who left the mansion with Belladonna.”

​“My name is Shawn Bolt,” said the young man walking towards Tiana, “And you seem to be focusing too hard to be doing water magic.”

​Shawn took off his shoes, showing his pale feet and jumped into the river, “You not only need to feel the water, you need to be the water.”

Shawn picked up Tiana’s bow, pointed towards a tree, and closed his eyes. Water from the river spiraled in long tendrils, forming into an arrow in Shawn’s hands. The boy pulled back, lined the arrow, and let it go. Some water from the projectile splashed on Tiana’s face as it flew by her, and by the time the arrow punctured itself into the tree it was in the form of ice.

“It’s all about being one with the elements,” Shawn said, throwing the bow to Tiana “They say mages and wizards are different classes, but we follow the same basics for magic.”

Tiana looked down at the water seeing her own reflection, “How long have you been practicing?”

Shawn smiled, “All my life.”

Tiana sighed, “I’m just fooling myself.”

Shawn shook his head, “Your catching on better than most amateurs.”

Tiana frowned and turned back towards the tree, raised her bow, and closed her eyes. She felt Shawn’s gloved hands wrap around her own, she felt his crotch press upon her butt, and his breath upon her cheek.

“Now concentrate.” Shawn whispered.

Usually Tiana would have bashed in the face whoever was touching her and call it a day, but for some reason Shawn’s presence was soothing, she felt no ill intent.

“Breathe,” Shawn whispered, “Breathe like the water flowing through the river, become one with it.”

Tiana listened; She matched her breath with the rush of the river. She pictured the river in her head, flowing like thoughts in her mind. She relaxed in Shawn’s secure grip and focused on the forming of her arrow. The water around the two magic users slowly spiraled from the river like a snake. It slithered up through the air in front of Tiana and shifted its form into an arrow.

“Open your eyes,” Shawn lips brushed by Tiana’s ear.

Tiana opened her eyes to see a fully produced arrow made from the element of water. Before the female wizard realized, the water arrow fell back into the river splashing them both.

“Thank you!” Tiana spun around, but Shawn was gone along with his boots.

She looked around confused, she was slightly offended that he left and shrugged. However, as she kept on her practice, she imagined his lingering touch to help her focus.


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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for posting my stories. Having my stories posted on your blog has improved my confidencne as a writer and I thank you once again for letting me post on your blog. Here’s another trio of stories i would like to share.

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