How to find joy again…


Yesterday, I wrote about how I experience times of discouragement/depression post my brain injury.  It is just part of my life now and I’m learning how to function through the fog until it lifts.  Each time I go through a cycle of being down, I learn something that helps me stay a little more afloat.  In response to yesterdays blog I received a few emails asking how I manage through these more difficult times.  I thought I’d share a few thoughts here.

august-3Discouragement and depression beckon that there is no hope and that nothing could possibly turn around.  While those feeling may indeed be strong, I do not have to live as a slave to them.  I have the ability to rule my thoughts and choose well.  Even when I’m down I make the choice to put my trust in God.  That is the biggest burden lifter of all. 

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