The Office on the Second Floor by Isaac Harris 

​On the second floor of a business office in San Francisco, a window shattered. Along with the debris of glass came a female figure, covered in a hooded black cloak. She landed, with a roll onto her feet. The workers within the office rose form their cubicles, their face filled with curious and fearful looks. The female figure rose, she pushed the cape of her cloak back with her right hand, revealing her gold and black Kevlar armor, black cargo pants, and black combat boots. She reached at her back with her right hand, releasing her double bladed pole, The Snowpiercer. The workers confused and startled looks became frowns of rage, their eyes glowed red, their teeth gnashed with fangs.With both hands, Tasia Snow began to spin her weapon, creating a whirlwind of metal around her. The creatures in the form of cubicle workers were lesser demons, and fought mostly on rage. They didn’t take notice of Tasia’s weapon and all lunged at her like a pack of starved animals. Tasia ran into the cursed creatures, her blades cut through necks, limbs, eyes, and stomach. Crimson and gore decorated her clothes as she swirled and twirled with her hungry blades. In a minute the whole room was decorated with blood, intestines, and massacred bodies. Tasia stood in the middle, her chest heaving, her eyes scanning for any creature she had missed. A few demons were still alive, trying to pick up their desecrated bodies, but none were in the shape to take her down. Tasia turned around and went for the plain blue door. She opened it, walking into a white corridor. To Tasia’s left was a silver elevator, and the girl began to walk towards it. It would be the fastest way to get to the fifth floor.

​Halfway towards the elevator, Tasia heard a ring, and the elevator doors opened with a large group of men dressed in dark blue suits. Tasia resumed spinning her weapon. Her silver razorblades tore through the sides of the corridor, as she rushed toward her opponents. The men were equipped with swords, bats, and knives. When the men saw Tasia and her tornado of metal they yelled and charged towards her. Tasia’s one weapon proved stronger than the force of many. She collided into the men like a sword in the water. White metal cut through the limbs of creatures, Tasia spun into a circle and several creatures were cut loose from their waist. She horizontally threw her bladed pole and the weapon flew like a boomerang, it tore through the heads of five of the lesser demons and on it’s return it took out six more. Tasia stuck out her right hand in the air, catching her weapon and fell into another spin, causing seven more demons to scream to their death. Once again all the demons in the vicinity were dead or unable to fight. Tasia, heavy with the blood of hell ran into the elevator that was being kept open, with a dead body of one of the demons and pushed it out of the way. Her true target was higher above.

​The elevator doors opened, showing men in black suits with pistols in their hand. When they saw Tasia they wasted no time and began to shoot. Tasia faster than the average person, got her bladed pole spinning before the bullets could reach her. The bullets ricocheted back; stray bullets pierced through mouths, eyes, heads, and necks, in large groups the creatures fell onto the ground, screaming with forked tongues. When the explosions of bullets ceased, Tasia let her weapon rest. The white marble floor was covered with scarlet, and no matter where Tasia stepped she heard the wet sound of sloshing. Tasia was in a large office room. All together the room was plain, the walls where white, the desk was large made from brown Oakwood. At the table sat a large muscular man in a gray suit. He smiled as Tasia covered in the blood of his employees walked up towards him.

​“They sent a young bitch to kill me.” the man said.

​“You should stay still,” Tasia said, politely, “I just… want to kill you and start studying for midterms.”

​The man stood his full 6’5 height, “Do you really think you can take on a fully experienced gargoyle?”

​Tasia nodded, “I have important things to do… So are you going to try to kill me? …Or are you going to let me stab you with my Snowpiercer and get this over with?”

​The man offended, opened his mouth releasing a large ball of fire and rock. Tasia back flipped, the projectile of fire flew under her and crashed into the wall. Tasia landed on her feet and sprang towards her opponent, thrusting her pole forward. The man caught the blade of the pole, and threw it back. Tasia stumbled onto her feet and dashed again towards the man. The gargoyle watched as she came in, spinning her bladed pole above her head and swinging it down. The gargoyle caught the blade again with his right hand and punched Tasia in the stomach. The girl flew back, releasing her weapon, and the back of her head crashing onto the ground. The man’s skin turned gray and leathery and wings erupted form his back. He walked towards Tasia with her weapon in his right hand. When his silhouette coveted her, he looked down at the girl and stabbed with her weapon. Tasia rolled to the left, her blade cutting through her hood releasing her face, she used her right leg to kick the gargoyle off his feet, and the huge man fell with a loud boom. She snatched her Snowpiercer from the demon’s hands and stabbed it straight down his mouth. Thick spurts of white blood escaped from the man’s mouth and she stabbed deeper until she heard a pop. The gargoyle’s body shivered several times then came to a halt. Tasia snatched out the pole and sheathed it back on her back. She pulled out her Zphone, took a picture of the creature, and sent it to her employers. Her job was done.

9 thoughts on “The Office on the Second Floor by Isaac Harris ”

  1. Not my usual fair, but well done. It had the feel of the black trench coat hallway scene from “The Matrix” with a touch of Resident Evil. I appreciated the way you sprinkled out information to maintain suspense. I didn’t expect the comment about midterms. It makes me wonder what the bigger story is.
    One note: In the beginning she takes her hood off. Then later she does it again. When did she put it back on in between?

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      1. isaactheauthor, If you can, I highly recommend joining a writer’s critique group. They are great at catching the little things we authors miss after reading our own stories 50,000 times. 😉 I know mine has saved me on numerous occasions. 🙂

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      2. It depends on which part of the world you live in. You can try asking your local library if they have any groups that meet there or try googling for writing organizations in your area. You can also look for an online group if that’s your preference. If you google “choosing a critique group” you can find articles with advice on what to look for when considering joining a critique group. I attend three groups myself to get a wider range of perspectives.

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