My Bognor Regis Adventure (A special post just for you guys)

It’s always nice to have a week off, meet friends and explore this beautiful country a bit more. From the trip to Littlehampton back in April, I returned to the area this week but a little bit further along to Bognor Regis for a few days of fun and relaxation. But we also made a difference, not only to some incredible people but to SouthWaves Radio itself.

We put out an advertisement on Facebook on who would be interested in doing a face to face interview in the local area and we had interest in Worthing and that’s were myself and my friend Jamie spent the day, with a microphone and a video camera.

The first area we went to was Worthing Chruches Homeless Project and the ReRide bike shop were people bring in their old or scrap bikes and the workers, some of them homeless, repair or restore them and make them brand spanking new and they do a brilliant job. I love the aspect of the project wanting to help the homeless and train them, work towards a qualification and giving them a step into employment is such a heart warming offer and gives something back to the community, fantastic. We spoke to Paul Maxted who runs the homeless project as well as one the workers Carly and they were so keen on knowing not just to talk about their business but our station itself, which makes it so much better. We took a picture after the interview.


Noon and the 2nd interview was with Tanya and Peter from The Best of Chichester who work closely with local business and were promoting a hat and mitten drive for the near future. We was there for about 2 hours and the conversation clicked together so well, i was amazed. There will be more video clips in the near future but here’s a world exclusive clip of part of the actual interview itself.

After a break and learning more about Worthing, we took a little trip down for the final interview. Sebastian is like your normal 14 year old teenager, however we works for the Youth Council and regards the future of the country very highly towards young people and having their voice heard. Very well spoken and an excellent character.


The day was such a fantastic success because it’s a steeping stone to what SouthWaves Radio can do and I would love it to be a charity run project one day. When i have more information on those interviews and more behind the scenes, tune in to my next radio show where I will describe more how amazing the trip was.

But that’s not the end of the story, as for my relaxing, chill out moment, I finally meet a friend from the radio station Becca at Chichester today and it was a fun day, it was great. She was more open and honest than I thought she was but her personality is super and I wish her the best for her Uni work, dancing competitions and future plans to be a singer. Tried my best to do selfies, not the best but hope this makes it justice.


Still have to drive back home in the morning but I have amazed myself once more for how well this trip has gone. Thank you so much to everyone and don’t forget the Swan Guest Hotel for the company, good rooms and brilliant breakfast. More details on my trip can be heard on my next radio show so stay tuned guys but from me, goodbye my friends.

Lisa Longworth’s mini story

At 19-years-old, I had a near-death-experience after life threatening brain surgery that changed my life forever. The downside of the brain surgery has been a lifetime challenge since then to maintain biochemical balance. My creative highs and lows after the surgery were more dramatic than before. On every other level though, the change was positive as it put me on a powerful journey that I walk today, with even more passion and purpose, as the world has changed 36 year later, becoming as I saw it in my near-death-experience.
The privilege of dying is to know with certainty that death ultimately is an illusion. The gift of brushing death’s doorway was to experience an ecstatic bliss of Life. I am so grateful to have returned from the surgery whole, which the surgeons had given me slim odds of surviving and a high probability of being a quadriplegic. The biggest gift has been to know the truth of myself in both incarnate form as well as the formless eternal Life.
The cost I have paid for this sensitivity and perspective has been the need to walk a very balanced life. Have you heard of the myth of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun and melted his wax wings, due to forgetting his father’s guidance? I too, would fly too high and for too long, forgetting my brain sensitivities. Then I would crash and need to rebuild my balance over months. One way I created balance was by becoming educated, eventually completed my PhD in psychology, teaching at the university level, being an art therapist in psychiatric hospitals and building a strong private practice.
Structure and service are the pillars of my balanced life.
One of my most precious gifts in my life is my private practice, specializing in creative midlife change, helping others find their wings to soar to new levels of their lives. Another gift from my near-death-experience has been living an open free and creative life as an artist, author and speaker. I have found the easiest way to change is to develop your creativity and intuition. Use your creative muscles everyday. Let your intuition guide you. This is my message.
Now in the digital age, something I clearly saw in my near-death experience in 1979, I continue to discover images and words to share the joy of change and freedom that comes living fearlessly. My art and counseling has been medicine for others and myself as well. Let your intuition guide and exercise your creative muscles everyday. Have I mentioned this already?
Whatever you do with your one wild and precious life, to quote the poet Mary Oliver, please exercise your creative muscles everyday, let your intuition guide, let go and play! We have much to do while we are alive here! Let’s do it together.
Your special gifts may require special care, as mine have. It’s worth it to work hard, as Life’s presence within you touches others and lights up the world. As you read this, we are together; can you feel me in your heart now? Together we are free and fly towards a new horizon!