Simplicity by Weston Webb

What happened to the morality of man and when did it give way to pride? When did doing the morally right thing become such an odd concept? Why does it feel like our humanity and compassion towards others became old fashioned… It’s all grey now. Nothing is just black and white anymore. I remember a time in the not so distant past when doing the right thing was based off of the morality of the morality of the situation rather than the people it affected. Now there seems to be a right and wrong aspect of both sides. Some factor that overrules mere right and wrong. What’s infinitely more frustrating is that there don’t (doesn’t) seem to be many objections to the current state of general humanity. It is such a blessing to be capable of caring so much about others, but it would be a lie were I to tell you that it wasn’t just as painful. Why is it so difficult to simply be a good person?​I think about my past quite a lot; not the negatives, but the emotions. The feelings that children experience are simple. They are black and white, and defined with the innocence that only youth allows. They are taught from babies how to judge right and wrong, and how to see the light in people. They are told that the world is a bright and beautiful place with limitless potential ahead. The children receive this news with joy and wonder. We all saw the beauty in the world…. Why is it that more often than not this is not the case at all? We fail (as a whole) to acknowledge the foundation of who we are, and we lack the constitution to see the good in the world. I am fairly certain that most of our childhood selves would be horrified to see what we have become as people. It is humorous to me that we are all so intentionally blind. It is not that we can’t see that what we do is wrong, but more that we decide that our own wellbeing and happiness is worth more than others. We should all be ashamed of what we’ve become.

​Look at the people who are near you. Your family. Are they good people? Deep down at their core what do you see? Light or darkness? Good or bad? There is no grey where a persons’ character is concerned so surround yourself with people who treat others with kindness and compassion. Cherish the people who look to you in dark times so that they may have the hope of light. Why is it taboo to be kind to others just because we can. See the beauty in the world and love others with no strings because you want to and not because you have to. Find the simplicity again. We are all flawed by nature and our decisions define us. When faced by a choice between what is right and what maintains the peace it is difficult but that is where true character shines through. We as human beings have all been put in situations such as these and fallen short of glory, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It happens more often than not with most people. What feels right? Deep down in your gut? It is not a bad thing to rise against what is wrong even when against great odds. Is this not true? I challenge you to remember. Remember what it is that made you the person you are today. Remember the lessons that were taught long before we discovered that it is easier to hurt others than to heal them. Before we learned to be cold and bitter, and before we forgot the simplicity in the world.

​Love profusely and hate little. Do not let the bitterness of men extinguish your light. Shine like a beacon to the people you love. They need you far more than you can imagine. Find the people that are good down to their core and surround yourself with them. Use their light as others use yours and better each other. Humility, sincerity, honor, respect, kindness, compassion, understanding. Imagine how different the world would be if everybody were to practice these principles? What about at your workplace? Your home? Treat others well and never allow someone to fall if it can be prevented. Think about these things, I’m not saying that all people are bad, but I am saying that nobody is perfect. All thoughts are creative; be mindful of what you create.