A women of her Kin by Isaac Harris 

Kandi slipped on her blue skirt, buttoned up her white collar shirt, slipped on her blue blazer, and finally slipped on her white and hot pink hi-top shoes. It was another Monday at Dame La Dame, the first Monday of the second month of fall semester. The eighteen-year-old girl closed her closet door to look at the mirror attached to the front. Kandi all her life heard the cliché term “cute as button.” She hated the term, but with her looks and the university uniform she was the poster child for it. Kandi had skin of honey, with sea blue hair, a pink bow wrapped her hair in a ponytail that spiraled down her neck, her eyes were pink, and when you put her attributes all together it made the image of an innocent looking girl. However, Kandi’s personality coming from the harsh side of Richmond, California was that of a firecracker. The girl turned around and grabbed her blueberry perfume, spraying it once on her neck, once on her wrists, and the last one on her supple breast.​The girl turned to the window of her dorm looking down at the campus and all it’s residents. The streets were made of cobblestone giving the school a Victorian feel, the majority of classes were held in highly decorated cathedrals, gargoyles of protection laid on the roof of the holy buildings in intimidating stances, the students ran around in there blue uniforms, slowly adjusting to their class schedules, priest and nuns walked about going to teach classes or taking classes themselves, a light mist penetrated the campus, but was slowly dissolving thanks to the sun.

​Kandi felt indifferent about going to Dame La Dame University. On one hand she knew it was an experience few got coming from the rough side of Richmond, but just like in Richmond she couldn’t find anyone to connect with, especially due to her new development. Kandi checked her ponytail one last time, grabbed her light blue backpack, and headed out into the hall of the Co-ed dorm named Joseph’s Altar.

The hall was spectacular in itself, it was made from marble, and held statues of romantic knights holding their ladies loves on the side of the corridor. Kandi passed by a door that was slightly ajar, her eyes glanced toward the open space, what the young woman saw froze her in her tracks, and left her pink gloss lips open. Within the dorm the girl saw books floating in mid air. The books slowly traveled into an open black backpack. A young woman with fair skin and jet-black hair held the backpack open. Kandi escaped her moment of awe and crept closer to make sure this was real. Kandi had to admit the girl making the books float was beautiful in her own right. Now that Kandi was closer, she could see the girl’s black hair seem to be brown at the ends, her body was seductively curvy, and even in her skirt Kandi could tell this girl’s rear end was plump as an onion.

Kandi watched the midnight haired girl hold a face of glee, as she twirled a black stick made of rock and the rest of her books floated into her backpack. Kandi stalked a little bit closer, poking her head through. Could this girl be the real thing? Maybe Kandi wasn’t the only one. Kandi began to feel excitement grow in her stomach. Someone else could do weird shit as well! On the girl’s bed was a brown tabby cat. The girl exchanged several words with it and turned towards the door, where her black eyes caught Kandi’s head poking through, and a face of terror spread though her.

The girl pulled out her black stick from her back pocket and twirled it. Kandi felt a force push her into the room and the door closed behind her.

“How much did you see?” the black haired girl said.

Kandi straightened out her skirt and shuffled her shoulders nervously, “Enough.”

The brown tabby cat sat up on the bed, it’s eyes focusing on Kandi.

“Leondre, no.” the black haired girl said, “It was just a magic trick, something my dad taught me, a trick of the eyes.”

“You just used a magic wand to trap me in here.” Kandi said blatantly.

“Fuck,” the black haired girl said, ”My dad’s going to be pissed, first I fail my first witch and warlock tournament know this.”

Kandi eyes grew in realization, “You’re a witch!”

The girl hit her left palm on her forehead, “Fuck Ariella, shut up.”

“No, it’s all good,” Kandi said, “Look I can do strange shit too,” Kandi opened her right palm and a light blue ball of fire with a green tint materialized, “See where one in the same.”

The fair skin girl let out a sigh and fell on her bed, “Good, you’re a witch too.”

Kandi shook her head, “I don’t think so. This ability only appeared like six months ago.”

The black haired girl shook her head, “Doesn’t matter. it’s just good to know your not a normal person or I would have been fucked, “The girl turned her head towards Kandi, “My name is Ariella, nice to meet you.”

Kandi smiled, “I’m Kandi.”

Ariella smirked, “That’s a name?”

Kandi blushed and shook her head, “Yeah parents and the nineties right?”

Ariella sat up and stretched, “Well since were both Supernatural outcast want to head out together? What class do you have?”


“My class is close to yours,” Ariella said petting Leondre, “let’s go together, us weirdo’s got to stick together.”

Kandi nodded, “Alright, let’s go College Witch.”

Ariella thought the nickname slightly funny, “Don’t call me that in public Sparkster.”

“White girl got ass and jokes,” Kandi laughed, “I think me and you are going to mold just fine.”


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