Autism: Visits With My Autistic Son


For one wonderful day, I had energy. It never lasts long, and this is a big issue for me in doing work. When I have the energy, I do very well, and feel I could keep going – but the next day I crash, and can’t even push myself to do anything at all.

This is why I have to set my own schedule and routine, and cannot work on the demand of others. I want to give my best, and to work consistently, but I just can’t.

This morning my son and I walked along the nature trail beside the lake, which is just down the road from us. We walked about 4 km in total, and talked all along the way. I missed that time together, as we took a break for the summer (he can’t handle the heat, or the insects.)


My son and I are both…

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Big Question 2/10/15

From this new story link that a question from the Chinese national judicial examination says that you should save your mother rather than your girlfriend in a fire. But is it right?? So I want to know:

Who would you save from a burning building? Your mother/dad, your girlfriend/boyfriend or even all of them? I am fascinated to find out your answers.