Door number 45 by Isaac Harris

​Tasia Snow woke up to the ringing of her alarm on her cell phone. The twenty-year-old girl sat up, yawned, and stretched. She had fell asleep on the couch thanks to her roommate Tiana’s fine cooking. The alarm reminded her she had business to take care of. Even if she had just transferred to a new school and had only a month to settle in, she knew duty called. Tasia swiftly took her phone from out her pocket. The alarm had been ringing for five minutes. The girl drifted into the bedroom, where her roommate Tiana was snoring in the bed to the left. Tasia’s bed was to the right. On the back wall Tasia had a closet with a mirror on the front. The girl adjusted her glasses and cut on the dim lamp on the wall.Tasia at first sight would cause any man to look twice. The girl had skin of butterscotch, her eyes were the color of jade, blonde thick dreadlocks covered her head spilling onto her shoulders, and silver round spectacles laid on her face. She had fell asleep in blue tight jeans, with a black shirt with gray sleeves, and her black tennis shoes. The girl opened her closet revealing a tan tattered hooded cloak, and behind the cloak was a weapon wrapped in black cloth. Tasia quickly donned the cloak, she put the hood over her face, and unraveled the black cloth revealing a two bladed spear, that had the image of a falcon carved into the curved steel. This weapon was Tasia’s Snowpiercer. The girl grabbed her weapon with her right hand and cut off the lamp with her left. She quietly and rapidly left her room, went into the living room, and opened the door. She was already five minutes late. She needed to get this job done so she could go back to sleep.

The night air was warm. The cool breeze from earlier in the day had been erased over time. Tasia closed her door carefully; she didn’t want to make a sound. She looked at her phone one more time; it was two fifteen in the morning. Tasia bent her legs and jumped upwards. The girl cleared twenty feet in the air, landing softly onto the roof. Tasia sprinted north, with the speed of a cheetah. Her tattered cloak flapped in the wind, her legs were blurs under her hips. With another jump she soared through the air, resembling a fearful ghost. She landed onto another roof with a roll and continued her sprint towards her destination.

Tasia Jumped form the third roof and landed onto the ground, thirty feet high with no injuries. She landed in front of the dorms belonging to the nuns. This is where she needed to be. Tasia calmly walked, the dorms took the form of small white stone cottages, spread throughout a beautiful green garden, decorated with white and red roses. Tasia put her ear against the door that had the number 45 on it. Inside she heard sensual moaning’s and sighs of ecstasy. This was definitely the place. A strong right front kick shattered the white wooden door. Tasia instantly ran through the entryway and was granted with seeing the criminal in her carnal act.

The room was decorated with dim candles, the smoke of incense hovered in the air, and low sensual music played on the radio. Tasia’s target was pale in skin with brunette hair that went down her back. Tasia was presented with the lady’s naked backside, a robe covering her hips as she grinded on a man’s crotch, on her lovely red loveseat. The lady became aware of Tasia after her last sweaty moan. She turned towards Tasia, letting the young girl see her almond shaped red eyes. Tasia’s target was beautiful in form, her breast small and round, her belly flat, her skin untouched by any mark or form, her behind uplifted, round, and supple. The carnal nun put on her red robe, keeping her eyes on her hooded intruder.

Tasia pointed her spear at the woman, “Excuse me…Could you…Could you please move aside so I can check the man,” the girl seem to hold a nervous tone in her voice, “Or I can just kill you right now…Those were the rules given to me.”

The woman moved to the right, and Tasia saw all she needed to. The man’s skin was shriveled to his bone; his teeth were rotten, his eyes gone.

“I thought it was strange?” Tasia said, tilting her head, “A woman of fifty-five still holds the youth of a woman in her mid twenties.”

“What can I say?” the woman shrugged, “Sex is a powerful thing.”

Tasia sprinted towards the woman, spinning her spear like a vicious cyclone. The woman spun out of the way, as Tasia swung her spear downwards. The blade of the spear crashed through the dead man, shattering his bones into rotten crystals. Tasia quickly spun, the carnal nun rolled under the first blade, and lunged toward the Hit woman in mid spin, her hand covering the girl’s face. Tasia felt her strength leave her as they crashed into the loveseat, but attacked with a right front kick, that bash into the nun’s stomach, causing her to fall on her back. Tasia got to her feet the same time as the nun. The carnal woman ran towards the door. Tasia lifted her spear in her right hand and threw it. The spear cut through the air, impaling the woman through her back and out her stomach. The body fell with a thud.

Tasia walked towards the body of the woman, “I made a real mess this time… I hope daddy isn’t to mad.”

Tasia quickly dialed a number she mesmerized in her phone, let it ring twice, and hung up. The girl retrieved her spear form the carcass, left the room as quickly as she entered, and headed back to her dorm. Tomorrow was Saturday, and she wanted to sleep in.

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