Are You Damaged Goods?

Reflections From the Heart

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Definition of damaged goods: inadequate or impaired. Products that are broken, cracked, scratched, etc.: a person who is considered to be no longer desirable or valuable because of something that has happened: a person whose reputation is damaged.

Is that you?

Regardless of your past or present, you don’t have to remain that way.

Was that ever me?

You betcha!

Read on …

Hollow. Pure loneliness. Dark, like a bottomless pit. Ripping in my chest. Piercing my heart. Again, he stays out all night. Overcome by torment. Abandonment accompanies me. Consumed with depression, isolation wraps itself around me. My mind races with wild imaginations of where he has gone, what he is doing, and with whom.

Instead of going to bed to sleep, I am wearing a hole in the couch. At the sound of every car approaching, like a jack-in-the-box I spring to…

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David Snape Show Promo, time changes and this weeks show

First, have a look at my brand new 30 second promo.

It is true that you are the star of the show and can take part. Have a look at and like the page for daily updates on the show and all nominations for the post of the week.

There is a change in one of the days so here is what times you can listen to the show:

  • Tuesday 8pm GMT
  • Thursday 1pm GMT
  • Saturday 8am GMT

On this weeks show:

  • We take a look at a solution for slow broadband, see if it works and answers from the big question
  • Rebecca Chamaa is our post of the week.
  • Song of the week from a former X Factor contestant, Abi Alton – Souvenirs
  • Interview with Amanda Mills (into the wilds of Baltimore) to talk about autism, acceptance and neurology
  • BBC Forecasts from the last 40 years
  • OMG stories and awards
  • All songs on this show will all be based on summer (as summer comes to a close)

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