Dear Depression: You’re Tacky and I Hate You

Eating Off Plastic

The following is an open letter to Depression:

Dear Depression,

I am writing to you because I’ve been having some serious concerns with our relationship. I won’t deny the closeness of our bond; we have been friends for many years now, and it often feels as if we are the same person. You know my favorite food, my worst fears, the things that makes me smile, and pretty much everything else – let’s be honest here. You’ve seen me in the shower, for heaven’s sake!

I never wanted things between us to get this intense; to go this far. I knew you liked me from the beginning, and I’ll admit, you seemed strange, but nice nevertheless. I let you into my life, or rather, you let yourself in. I must’ve forgotten to lock my door. From that day forward, you have done nothing but take, take, take. Some people say…

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