Treading Water


I look around, and people seem so content to be going about their days full of busyness and interaction. For me, life has seemed painful to say the least. It is like I was yanked out of a life filled with beauty and wonder and dropped into a hostile world that wanted little to do with me, and have spent every day since longing to go back to a place I can barely remember.

Have you ever spent time in a daycare, or in a kindergarten classroom at the beginning of the year? You will see the differences in people displayed in the young faces before you. Some enter the room full of joy and excitement, thankful to be with their friends once more. Some are happy and content, though you know they would be just so if they had remained at home. Others enter reluctantly, but soon join in…

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David Snape Show 18/8/15 Preview

This will be my first show where I also put the recordings and music all together for the very first time (even though i put the wrong intro to start off with but it’s now all sorted out for tomorrow LOL). There will be some jingles for the first time and a few clips on the various subjects. On the show this week:

  • Take a look at the A Level results and see what China could do to help
  • A closer look at our grades and see if we could have done any better
  • Post of the week: The Water Treader by Adam Lennon
  • Song the week: Lyndon – Higher each day
  • An exclusive interview with last weeks song of the week Rebekah Kirk
  • Who are the AutistiX?
  • Why Eva Carneiro is being treated unfairly
  • OMG stories and Awards

Hope you enjoy the show. Listen Tuesday/Thursday @ 8pm GMT on Southwaves Radio.