An interview by Richard Whelan


At the end of 2014, Richard Whelan interviewed Gonzalo Bénard about “The Sacred Book of G” and how autism influenced his life. The interview got lost and ended up not being published. Until now.

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RW – When and how did you discover that you were autistic?

GB – I started being noticed at school once I used the breaks to be in a hidden corner of the library, focused reading, since I was a kid, avoiding any social relation. I was a very good student, even though I never participated verbally unless when I really had to. I didn’t do sports because I was too clumsy. These were some of the facts that made the director/teachers send me to the psychologist so they could check up what was my issue not being social, or being socially awkward. I was 13yo when she told me, after days being “tested”. When she told me…

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Music Spotlight: Rebekah Kirk

If you missed my latest radio show, don’t you worry folks. My song of the week came from a Glasgow born girl who is only 15 years of age with an amazing voice. Rebekah Kirk only discovered her signing talent at a local theater school when she was just 9 years old and from then she has been going strength by strength.

On my next show, I will have an exclusive interview with Rebekah, telling more about her story, songwriting, personality and plans for the future. I will leave you with a link to her incredible single Ocean Lullaby and please have a look at her other songs on Soundcloud, Youtube etc… Enjoy.