Different techniques to overcome Fear by Justin Soh

 Pic 1 with this quote“Everyone has fears, the difference are those that face it head on without any hesitation”

 We all have fears. In fact, many people are constantly surrounded by fear. They are troubled and are unable to overcome it hence letting fear rule their life. An analogy would be getting your “ship hijacked by pirates and you are unable to defeat the hijackers”. There is only one winner. You or fear but fear not for fear isn’t that hard to overcome. I love rhyming sometimes 😉

Pic 2 with this quote

“You may be shrouded by the darkness but the light will eventually find its way to you”

 I will be sharing some techniques on how to overcome fear but first you have to understand what fear is.

Wikipedia definition: An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.

My definition: Fearing something is your own weakness. Your weakness is something you can work on by changing into your strength.

Fear is just one aspect of the broad categories of weaknesses. Under fear, there may be many different types of fears. For example: Fear of rejection, fear of sadness, fear of loneliness, fear of boredom, fear of bullies, fear of yourself… Etc. You can also be fearful of certain objects/situations/people. It’s normal. I suffer from many different varieties of fear. This is how I solve them.

1. List down your fears

 Pic 3 with this quote

“List down all your problems and the biggest problem will be gone”

 Like what all great strategists do in times of war, they list down their resources and weapons. Exactly, you have to identify your fears first before solving it. It may be terrifying but “JUST DO IT”- Nike. It is better to have a chance of overcoming your fear than not doing anything at all. At least you tried and I believe that as long as people try, they can definitely do it.

2. Face your fears 

Pic 4 with this quote

“Your nightmare will no longer be a nightmare once you understand that it is all just a ‘nightmare'”

 Facing something you are scared of can be overwhelming and daunting. It’s like going up to a tiger and say, “Hey I am like really scared so why not be a herbivore and not eat me today?” What you may not realize is that the ‘tiger’ may look like one but could be a rabbit underneath. Each of your fears manipulate your emotions. Do not let fear manipulate it. Instead, think clearly and logically. This is what renders fears useless. They are ONLY USEFUL IN THE PRESENCE OF EMOTIONS!

3. Treat fear as an opportunity 

Pic 5 with this quote

“Look hard enough and everything is an opportunity”

Just like the story of the lion and rabbit above. It may be a story that is teaching you a life lesson. A lesson that cannot be learnt anywhere else. It could be revealing something in you that you didn’t know you had.
What is one thing I always believe what it comes to opportunity? It is to grab it and never let it go. Fear will always be lurking in you and you will always have the opportunity to eradicate it. Best thing out of this process, you get to learn something. You get to find out why you have this fear and eventually, the solution! You can then help others with this knowledge! Isn’t that marvellous?

4. Do not avoid your fears

Pic 6 with this quote

“Do not continue the cycle but instead end it”

Many people tend to avoid their fears and work around the situation. Now that is definitely what you mustn’t do! You cannot avoid a problem forever for it will still hinder you. The root cause will still be there. A good analogy will be like having an empty bottle of soap in your bathroom. Whether you care about its existence or not, IT WILL STILL BE THERE!
5. Treat it like a game

Pic 7 with this quote

“Treat your fear lightly for it shares the same effect as newton third law”

 Many times I see people overcoming their fear, they take it seriously. They try to go hard-core right from the start. For example, I have a friend that has a fear of gaining fats. She tackled it straight on by not eating anything for 3 days straight. Guess what, she fell sick after that! Sometimes, you have to take it slow and easy. Rushing is not a good choice as you will miss out certain important details that can be very beneficial for you. This rule doesn’t only apply here but to everything you do. “Never rush for those who rush never obtain true results”.

 6. Tell someone about it

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“Put down your pride and ask for help and help will come your way”

 Imagine a hot overheated steam machine that has no outlet to vent the steam. Over time it will destroy itself from within. Same goes for us humans. Find a good friend or partner and discuss your fears. See what are the available solutions to overcome your fears. If you have no one to ask, feel free to ask me. I am always here! You can either comment down below or send me an email at hoggersoh@gmail.com . Feel free to ask me for and I will try my best to help you in solving your fears. Step by Step.

7. Ask for help from a community 

Pic 9 with this quote

“Be a student and ask for advices and when the time come , switch it up and be the teacher” 

 There are many different forums available to ask for help. I am currently a forum member on http://www.uncommonforum.com where I help those that are troubled. You can do a Google search and post a request seeking advice. Most of the time, forums are flooded with many experiences and talented advisors. This is definitely one way to seek help/advices and you can help others if you see something you have experienced before.

8. Set a plan

Pic 10 with this quote

“Map out the strategy and that will be the first step to victory”

 Every solution requires a plan. Set a game plan that will help you ‘slowly but surely’ to overcome your fear. I once had a fear of speaking in public (I am now one of the most talkative persons in my class). I overcame this fear slowly by gradually building up my confidence. I started engaging instead of being the one to be engaged. I was the initiator of many conversations. I started analysing the human behaviour. I made an effort to understand all the different people in our daily lives. A plan is what you need to keep track of your goals.

9. It takes determination 

Pic 11 with this quote

“It may seem blur and foggy but that means you are getting close to something”

Similar to quitting an addiction, it is never easy to overcome your fears. It takes up your time, effort, determination and most of all, courage. You may even feel tempted to quit. Well quitters never win hence you shall never quit. It is not an overnight solution that will make you go, “Oh, I am fearless now!” when you wake up in the morning. You have to see the changes gradually. Try 6 months for a start and if nothing is happening, something is most probably happening. The best way to track a results is to write down a question you will react very violently too when you start the plan. 6 months down ask yourself the same question. If you react a different way, you have progressed!

10. Track yourself

Pic 12 with this quote

“Know your current position and decide on what you need to do next”

 You are on the road to eradicating that certain fear. Well, you will definitely know where you are currently. Exactly the same logic as when you order something online. You will want to know “where in the world is my package?” Well, religiously asking yourself every week this question: “Where am I now”? This will help to keep you focused on your goal and be aware of your current position in the plan.

11. It will not be removed totally

Pic 13 with this quote

“The first time is hard but remember you will see the light eventually”

You wanted a vaccine and went to a doctor. You got your vaccine and went home. Next day, you felt nothing at all. But do you still get sick, of course. You may have been vaccinated but it isn’t 100 percent proof free. Same goes for your fear, you may have overcome it. You learned the source and problem and became more resilient to it. But the fear may evolve. It may become something you are unable to cope with. When that happens just refer back to this guide and your own experience. It will hit harder but it will not hurt that much anymore.

12. Sharing is caring

Pic 14 with this quote

“Share the love and people will love the share”

You read and you learn. You try and you reap from it. So why not let others know how you did it? Make a blog or join a forum. The Facebook community is a great place to start too. Share your knowledge and experience with others. Many people out there are unable to receive such advice and that is where you come into play. Know and believe that you are important and can help others in need
I hope you learned a lot from this post on how to overcome your fears. There are many teenagers like me who are fearful for who they are, how they act and even their thought processes! Do not fear and feel like you are useless. Everyone has weakness, the goal is to turn the weakness into a strength. Use that weakness and overcome it. Make it into one of your strengths. If you like this post, don’t forget to share and like it. It will not only help others but make my day freaking fantastically awesome.

By Justin Soh

BlogOwner of http://www.innerpill.com