Britain for the British o British beware

A powerful poem with reality bought in, hope you enjoy this


Anti-prejudice poem

Britain for the British o Britain be proud,
Whisper your thoughts and whisper them loud,
For the opinions that you speak freely,
were fought by those you hate dearly,
what are you doing, come on fucking really?

All races moved to the Uk from a lack of labour,
we welcomed and trained, accepted our saviour,
send them back fast, kick back and saver,
now we live in a world where they are over worked to their killing,
but who the hell cares, when they live on our shilling,
you are a coward if in the great fight you are unwilling.

Why do you hate others for the colour of their skin,
what do you believe makes them vermin, or people of sin?
While a child plays freely with another white or black,
I guess to you, it’s all part of their violent attack,
Fear for all, especially those worthless and their kin.

Britain for the British, o Britains beware,

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