Now by Jennifer Henderson

Reflections of time shining on the surface
A glow of fear and pain
Wishing it would never be shown
Wishing they didn’t need to know
But here I am again.
Words echoing in my mind
So much that I need to say
Rattling my brain, turning away
Why do I have to go back to that day?
Trying to find where to begin.
A great escape behind the wall
A place to hide, to shine, to cry
Trapped inside, searching for a key
To unlock the chains and set me free
But where do I go from there?
Afraid of the world flowing past outside
People who don’t understand
So much power over me
Deciding what’s right – but can’t they see
All I need is some help from a friend.
How to express what they’ve never known
Living a life where one doesn’t belong
Trying to fit in a world that rejects
Anyone different from them and expects
Us all to be the same.
Shaking and dizzy I walk in the room
Working to gain the strength
To say what I must, though the words won’t come
How do I tell them how I’ve overcome
When I know that I haven’t – yet.