roses, part one: inspiration

Escape to premed

You may have seen in my ‘about’ and ‘intro’ posts that I hand out roses to strangers on my birthday. There’s a story there that will take a couple of posts to fully explain.

Let’s start out with what gives me inspiration, not just the everyday things, but my core inspiration. Not many people have found their focus on life, and I feel really lucky and blessed to know where my life is going, or at the very least to have a reason for this big silly scary funny sometimes sad and amazing life.

Here’s the story: my brother was still-born. He was three months premature, had some type of trisomy (a chromosomal defect,) the umbilical cord tied in a natural knot around his neck, and it was a terrible thing for my young parents to experience, a pain I hope no one ever has to understand. I cannot fathom…

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