Review of Game of Thrones Series 5 (Spoiler alert)

Life is full of dramas, just this morning my blinds fell down suddenly and it looks like i have to get them up and down manually without the pull down thingy which should be fine but what a pain in the backside LOL. Time changes rapidly and brand new faces come into the scene and shocking moments occur, a bit like the latest series in fact. But what about the main characters and their journeys.

Tyrion Lanniester 

After killing his father Tywin with a crossbow, Tyrion had to escape somewhere to find peace and enter a new adventure. Thinking his was going to be stuck at Pentos, Vars suggested finding the one true heir to the seven kingdoms, Danerys. That would mean though being stuck inside a “f###ing box” for a while as Tyrion puts it, got to love his humor though.

After entering a brothel on the way, Tyrion was kidnapped by the lonely Jonah Mormont who was to give Tyrion to Danerys as a gift. They had to fight the stone men on the way there, Jonah looked like he was given the mark by these creatures although that doesn’t have an effect him just yet.

After the fight, they were both kidnapped along the way by a couple of sellers if they wanted to sell both of them to the fighting pits or cut their heads basically. Both managed to put on a show, well Jonah did all the fighting to try and please Danerys and then present her with Tyrion all in full on beard. We will look at the end of their journey shortly.

Danerys Targaryen

Managing all of Meereen is pretty darn hard, and now Danerys are using the Unsullied to patrol the streets as a statement for the Sons of Harpy. She even had some of the valuable members of the Meereen family to join her in the dragon chambers where one of them was basically eaten up.

The Sons of Harpy decided soon was the right time to attack and wreck havoc to the city, even most of the Unsullied were outnumbered and that unfortunately lead to the death of Sir Barristan, the Grey Worm managed to survived the brutal attack and was for the rest of the serious recovering, with Missandei having stronger feelings for this brave warrior.

After the surprise meeting of Sir Jonah and Tyrion Lanniester, Danerys sent Jonah on his way for a second time not knowing that he will appear yet again in a crucial development. Tyrion somehow persuaded Danerys to be her advisor to the surprise of Tyrion, you could say that great words have great responsibility in his case.

The fighting pits was eventually re-opened with a sell-out crowd all around to witness brutality to the death. After the second fight where once again, Sir Jonah revealed himself to Danerys once more, the Sons of Harpy surprised everyone with their numbers to pull more brutal devastation. All of the heroes was surrounding and looked like certain death………. until…

Drogon, one of Danery’s dragons been missing for weeks, entered and used his skill and fire to burn as many as he could before escorting Danery’s to safety in the middle of nowhere, were the final scene of her was she being surrounding in what appears to the Dohraki’s on horses, hundreds of time, only time will tell. That has left poor Tyrion to look after Meereen all on his own but at least Varys has returned to his aid, bless him.

Jon Snow

Jon Snow now becoming leader of the Night’s Watch had company along the way of Stannis, Melisandre, SIr Davos and their companions along the way. The Wildlings were still around however their burned Mance Raider to death with Jon giving him one final arrow to the heart for good measure.

Both Jon and Stannis had different goals for the future, with Stannis persuaded or tried to persuade Jon on taking Winterfell with him. Jon wanted to confront the wildlings in their homeland, so that they can have as many men on his side for the white walkers when they enter their territory. Remember ever time they kill a citizen, they will become a member of the white walkers making the odds of defeating them more difficult.

Stannis unfortunately had his chances of taking Winterfell slimmer and then defeated with the cold weather taking its toll on his men, ambushed attacks and the final onslaught which felt like a handicap contest. He was unanimously defeated and killed in the process by Brienna of all people, not Ramsey.

After reaching Hardhome (the home of the wildlings), Jon had a hard meeting with the wildlings and persuaded some to join him, however the white walkers were about and launched an attacked, only just managing to escape. Many lives were lost which are now in the hands of the white walkers leader.

Getting back to the Wall, Jon had to say goodbye to Sam and Gilly as they enter a trip to the Citadel, they witnessed the death of master Aemon in the process. At the final scene, Jon thought he had word from one of his brothers only to have the word traitor on a cross with several members of the Watch stabbing him and saying “for the watch”. Now if the rumors are true that Jon survived the attack, then it is a bloody miracle.

Cersei Lannister

At kings landing, despite Tommen being the new king, Cersei seized total control by her sometimes cruel ways. Cersei thinks that his brother Jamie was partly responsible for the death of Tywin and the release of Tyrion. She however had Jamie on a different job, to rescue their daughter in Dorne with the help of Bronn who was almost killed by a poison which looked like turned out to be the death of their daughter in the end by the people of Dorne, revenge is sweet.

Cersei seemed to be outclassed by the new queen, Margaery but more revenge was to follow as Margaery’s brother Ser Loras was arrested for homosexuality which we all know in the first place. Desperate to separate Tommen and Margarey, Margarey was arrested for false testimony in the Ser Loras trial just a shame that poor Tommen hasn’t got a strong enough character. Cersei looked liked she won the battle, but hang on, what’s this???

The High sparrow revealed that Lancel confessed his affair with Cersei following Jamie’s capture by Robb Stark and arrests Cersei in complete shock. She struggle to confess day after day in agony. She did confess in the end that she had an affait with Lancel but didn’t reveal her affair with Jamie, surprisingly.

She was to return to her rightful home but not after the most humiliating where she was to walk all the way back naked with abuse, food thrown at her, spitting and even having nasty cuts on her feet in the process by the thousands of people watching her all the way. Emotionally, she did return to the home in floods of tears, will she change in the next series though???

Sansa Stark

Sansa has been on such a journey and this one took another turn. On her journey with Littlefinger, they encountered Brienne of Tarth who wanted to take her back as a promise but Sansa declined the offer however, Brienne was always close by at hand in every step of Sansa’s journey.

Despite thinking she would return to Moat Calin, Sansa was actually going to return straight to Winterfell with Peter Baliesh’s plan on her to marry Ramsay Bolton the current walden of the north. Peter then leaves Sansa in what’s to come would be the worst nightmare ever.

Sansa realizes that Reek or Theon Greyjoy was serving up to Ramsay and has total control over him. After the wedding, the scene where loads of complaints from viewers were to follow with Ramsay raping Sansa in front of Theon. I have to say, as shocking and powerful as the scene was it moved me to tears because of the emotion that Theon showed in having to watch this all in front of him. So for that reason, I didn’t complain but it was a bit much at the same time.

After several attempts to get Theon to act, Myranda had her chance to kill Sansa only to miss by Theon who chucked her off the tall tower. In that instants, we saw a desperate act by Theon and Sansa as they jumped off Winterfell without the guards knowing. Where will they go though??? Who Knows??

Arya Stark

Arya arrives at the House of Black and White in Braavos and had to wait ages until she could actually enter the huge building. She even had to find a good hiding place for her sword, needle for one day. She had to be busy cleaning the floors and the dead bodies for days in wait for her time to come. Arya then realizes that all the dead bodies faces they could use in the Hall of Faces if she wanted to become “no one”.

Arya used one of the faces to eventually carry out an assassination at the end of the series but it’s not all shouting out “Cockerels, mussels” all her life. Meryn Trant loved to have sex or to hit as many vulnerable people as he want. But when he tried to slap on what appeared to be Arya in the end, he tried hitting her harder, only until Arya to kill him in the most shocking fashion, stabbing both his eyes first. I think I’ve screamed in places, sometimes with excitement because I wasn’t expecting that at all.

Jaqen and the Waif noticed the killing and was unimpressed by her actions and one life had to be taken away as a consequence. Although Sansa thought the potion was going to given to her, it was Jaqen that killed himself, only for his face to reappear on the waif. That made Sansa pull out the faces of the former Jaqen only to find there are unlimited number of faces pulling off and one of her in fact. Will she stay or will she go???????


There have been people that said that The Game of Thrones has become too depressing in places and maybe that is the case in some of what I saw on this series. But the story from all these characters and more are still as interesting and fascinating as ever before. There are similarities and major differences to the book, like Tyrion wasn’t meant to appear to Danery’s so soon and I think Ser Barristan was still alive at the end of the book but how cares about that.

There wasn’t no one full episode of a major fight but there were still some very key fighting moments in Dorne with Jamie and Bronn, the white walkers wrecking havoc and the Sons of Harpy outnumbering the rest, they still give you excitement and tension all the way and they are brilliantly done.

The next series will possible be the first time it will come out before the book if George R.R Martin would get a move on with the final books to be checked and published so we are getting to an exciting unknown area on what’s to come. Will there be any members re-appearing? Any more shocking deaths? Who will really be in the iron throne?

As a final review, series 5 still proves why Game of Thrones has been a great success. Drama a plenty, loads of characters to get fascinated in, laugh out loud moments, look away from the TV killings and a world that has turned upside down, we are still no closer on finding the outright winner. Let the next series rumors begin and expect 2016 to be huge!! A must watch but start on series 1 on newcomers is a imperative.

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