The Duggar Family and the Quiverfull Movement- Every Word You Say by Amy A

Now a lot of you have probably heard quite a bit about the Duggar family, and I’m sure a lot of you may have some strong opinions about the scandal surrounding them. Now this post will basically just be my own opinions/rant about what happened and the Quiverfull Movement in general.

For those of you who don’t know, the Duggar family have their own TV show named ’19 Kids and Counting, and if you hadn’t guessed already it’s because they have 19 children. This family are also devout Christians and belong to a specific movement of Christianity known as the Quiverfull Movement. Recently it was discovered the eldest child, Josh Duggar who is married with three children, sexually assaulted 5 young girls when he was a young teenager. At least two of these girls were known to be his sisters, but it is suspected that the majority of the girls were related to him. His parents made sure he was given a “stern talking to” and that was that. No thought was given to the girls who now had to see their attacker every day of their lives, the girls who had to sit across from him at the dinner table knowing that he molested them, and what about his own daughter? Well no thought was given to her either as his wife knew full well what he did before she married him. Now I know people can change, and all that shit, but he didn’t get punished at all! All he had to do was “Welcome God back into his life” and that magically made everything okay!

I have extensively researched the Quiverfull Movement and I am disgusted. Here is the gist: if you are male you are the leader of the house and you must be obeyed at all times, you may have sex with your wife at any time you wish (even if she doesn’t want to) and you must produce as many children as your wife can possibly carry (or not, as many women have died during complications because they have given birth against medical advice). However, if you’re a female you must cook, clean, and of course your vagina must be available at all times, and it doesn’t matter if your life is at risk because you’re carrying that baby anyway.

So let’s just get this straight. Here is a movement that states if you are anything but heterosexual you are disgusting, that children should be home schooled to protect them from the horrors that are other teenagers, that those who follow Islam are trying to “take over the country” and yet here they are treating women like dirt and allowing pedophilia? Well, I think somebody needs to reevaluate their morals here. You might have noticed that throughout this I never once referred to Quiverfull as a religion, and that’s because I don’t think it deserves to be recognised as one. Religion should be used to unite people, to encourage ethical and moral behaviour, and to give people hope and faith. This movement just encourages hate.

Thanks for listening to (reading?) my rant and I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on this.

10 thoughts on “The Duggar Family and the Quiverfull Movement- Every Word You Say by Amy A”

  1. I am a Christian, and while there are certain Biblical morals I stand by, this movement is not one of them. I do think God set up the concept of marriage for us long ago, but, this narrow, female-belittling view is not it. The hypocrisy and lack of genuine accountability in this story just make me sad. But, sin has a way of finding people out as we can see. I hope this family takes it seriously now and gets REALLY right with God.

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  2. I don’t watch “reality” tv shows and I haven’t researched the movement you refer to. I did watch an interview with two of the sisters who were abused. They stated that they and the offender received counseling and measures were taken in the household to ensure there could not be repeat offenses if there was recidivism.

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  3. It is sad that so many in so called religions are very far from the original spirituality that originated the religion in the first place. Many religions had patriarchal and power greedy leaders take over and edit everything out that supports and values women and acknowledges our connection with God. Many are just designed to rule, separate and disempower others.

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  4. I have never been a part of the quiverfull movement per se, but there was certainly a time when I was open to having as many children as my body could bare. I did, I’m done now. I am an ex catholic, mom to six children,and *gasp* I homeschool.

    Being acquainted with the idea, I can tell you quiverfull families all tend to be different, the one thing that defines them is their desire to be open to any life they believe their God blesses them with. that’s it.

    I have known families with a “quiverfull” mindset that were egalitarian and welcomed gay couples into their home. I have known some that send their kids to school and others who homeschool for reasons completely devoid of religious motivation. It surprises some to learn that the majority of homeschoolers these days do not homeschool for religious reasons.
    My point is that it is unfair to make generalizations based on family size and the desire have many children as possible and then also to insinuate that all of those families are as backwards thinking as the Duggars or would condone/cover child molestation as they have.

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