Social Anxiety- By Every Word You Say Amy A

Today is going to be a little bit more of a serious post. I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a little while now but wasn’t really sure how to explain it. See, I have had social anxiety for a very long time now. So if I’m put in new situations, or I have to meet new people, or if I’m in a large crowds it makes me very nervous and can lead to panic attacks. I know when it started, but as I’ve mentioned before I don’t want to talk about that part of my past. Basically when I was younger I was put in dangerous and upsetting situations and unfortunately this has affected many aspects of my life.

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to meet his best friend. I’d been putting off meeting her for a year and a half, but yesterday he “persuaded” me to go. This involved going to her house and meeting her, her mum, boyfriend, and sister. For me this is such a stressful situation. What if they hate me? What if I embarrass myself? What if I have a panic attack and they think I’m a freak? But I went, and I was terrified, but my boyfriend held my hand the whole time and helped calm me down and I’m glad I went because they’re all lovely.

Everyone who has anxiety will have a slightly different experience. For me, I tend to overthink things. I’ll have bad thoughts about the situation and I’ll think of all the awful things that could happen. I won’t look new people in the eye, I’ll turn my head away, and won’t talk. And if I do talk it’s usually about someone else to try and divert the attention away from me. I’ll play with my hair and clothes and pull my sleeves over my hands. I’ll tap my feet and dig my nails into my hands. My breathing will get faster and shallower and that’s when I panic. I’ll start to cry and struggle to breathe and then I’ll try to keep it in so I don’t look like a freak, which ends up making it worse. I’m not an expert, and I’m definitely not qualified to give advice but I’m going to try it anyway. So here’s Amy’s Top Tips for Dealing with Anxiety:

  1. Panic Attacks. I know it feels like you’re going to die, and because of that it can be difficult to think logically. But what I do is try to remove myself from the stressful situation/person if possible. Lay your hands flat on a flat surface and push down. Put your head against a flat surface if you can, and close your eyes. Count your breaths, up until the count of ten then start counting them again, then repeat this until your breathing is better.
  2. Bad thoughts. People with anxiety tend to exaggerate the situation, and I do this a lot! So what I do is write down all the bad things that could possibly happen. (And I love making lists so this is great 😛 ) Then go through the list as if you were another person. How likely is it that these bad things will happen? And what could you do if this problem actually occurs? For me, feeling prepared helps a lot.
  3. Stressful situations. A lot of everyday situations can become really stressful, and there have been a lot of times where I don’t want to do anything and I can’t even get out of bed. But it’s a viscous cycle, the more you avoid triggering situations, the more anxious of those situations you become. So do try and do things that make you anxious, and I know that’s so difficult but you can put things in place to help reduce anxiety. Try meditating before, or listening to music, go out with people you trust, go out to familiar places etc.

Clearly I’m not a doctor, so if your anxiety is seriously effecting your life you need to speak to family or friends or teachers, or go see your doctor. Please don’t suffer in silence, and if anyone reading this wants to get in touch or if anyone’s having a bad day they can always talk to me  🙂

David Snape radio show #13 Preview (You don’t want to miss this!!!)

On the show this week:

  • We look at a poll on the top ten movie and TVS characters and find out who your favourite is?
  • A comment, turned to a post is now Post of the Week
  • An amazing unsigned act of the week – Jo Herman – I shall not be moved
  • The crucial question I post to The Last Leg and discuss it more
  • Music from all three Glastonbury headline acts including a closer look at The Who
  • Stories include: more Top gear controversy, Obama singing Amazing Grace and a Face-off between a cat and a lion
  • Future plans on Autism Awareness and why I was by somebody picked as an inspirational autisic person

This unmissable show will be on Tuesday and Thursday 8-10pm GMT a and Saturday 8am GMT only on

What the ####?! Issue 39 Special (With an unexpected twist)

Welcome guys once again, sorry I didn’t put the latest issue last week, I was having a great time over in Birmingham with my sister Becci and my dad as we celebrated Fathers Day over at the Bullring with a great Chinese buffet in the middle. Got a week off now from work and we got a heatwave coming, great week to have it off as I hate a heatwave, it will be unbearable.

Just the one subject today as it is a special and it all started off when I woke up early yesterday morning, having breakfast at 4.45am, getting ready for work and I received a message on Messenger from Jamie Dyer saying in captials, “YOU ARE ON THE LAST LEG!!!” That took me my surprise but I did record the episode so I would watch it after work. I tried a couple of times in the last series but because there are so many tweets that they read for the #isitok, getting your tweets heard is very difficult, no wonder it’s a popular show and I love it.

For people outside the UK, the Last Leg is a topical comedy show where basically “three people with four legs (cause they got prospective legs)” discuss the weeks event and try and make it all better, if it’s to rant because somebody done something stupid, find better solutions or just have a laugh about it. It’s a great show and I will send you a link to the latest episode at the end of this post.

The question in which I post to the group of Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe, Alex Brooker and special guest, Stephen Merchant was this.


Now they admitted it was a tough question and there are so many possibilities and views that you can see it in the eye from different people.

Let’s start off from a viewpoint of the migrants. They come from areas of the world in which there has been huge fighting and so many horrible stories have come out of that, we have the ongoing war in Syria, the recent shooting in Tunisia and you have IS on an all out warfare over Iraq and others. So they want to find a new life elsewhere and there have been others that tried and actually failed and died in the attempt.

The boats that come and pick them up are usually very small and crammed with migrants on there and that’s where most of these stories about people not making it happen. But if they did make it across they would end up mostly in Italy or Greece were interviews from people want to make it to the UK.

One of the things I do think of is, why would they want to risk going thousand of miles to the UK? Would they want to make a living in Greece or in Italy? There have been reports that there was some tight security over in the Italy-France border and the migrants wanting to cross over there have been forced back.

But if they do make it across to France and reach Calais, they will find shelter and a little home with thousands of other people on the same route. Now it’s all about waiting for the right opportunity to get across the border in the best possible way and without getting caught. 

Back to the Tweet, the French strike caused chaos this week and there were disruptions on both sides of the border. We know that the level of people wanting to make across the border is nothing new but this week we saw the full extend of how risky people want to make it across into the UK.

From the French Police viewpoint, one statistic that came out of this was that they caught 350 migrants in a 4 hour window in the back of trucks and other scenarios. They would have known, that some lorries won’t be locked, they can easily get into the back of the lorry. If the lorry is locked, they have access to towbars and other equipment to break open the back. They have also found migrants in boots of cars which is very uncomfortable indeed, why would they do that, I don’t know.

Last week, round my neck of the woods, there were 26 suspected illegal immigrants stopped on the A1 near Stamford, the lorry driver was arrested for suspicion of assisting unlawful entry into the UK. 5 people have been suffered from dehydration and were taken to hospital. There are lorry drivers that do that for the migrants but some are just having a day job. About 100 drivers have been jailed in the past year for trying to smuggle immigrants to the UK.

From the normal lorry driver viewpoint, they need to get supplies back to the UK within a time limit and they get stuck near the border. We hear lorry drivers getting scared and shocked when they see migrants wanting to get onto the lorry and others in any way possible, most of them didn’t escape. And it’s not just lorries, one person on the radio this week had a Volkswagen Camper-van and they only just managed to locked the doors before they would get bombarded by loads of migrants from everywhere. Scenes like these feel like the norm and many lorry drivers feel like it’s too dangerous to go to the border and this situation may only just get worse. Some drivers even threatened with machetes.

But it looks like that the UK isn’t the only country to have this problem. It looks like Germany has started a new life over there because it has a strong economy and many asylum seekers are using this to their advantage. That might be good news for Germany as their low birth rate could fill the labour market gaps.

So maybe there’s an alternative but the government isn’t doing much about it just yet. They admitted once they get into the UK, there’s nothing they can do. RUBBISH!! #iwantabulls###buzzernow (a popular item used on the show). There are lots of ways you could improve security if needed and if you want to cut the police force, use the cuts to instead send more people to protect the Calais border if needed.

One thing I wanted to quickly mention was what happened to the stuff from the past where you have people from the Caribbean for example, going to the UK by a massive ship and start of a new life there. Would that make it easier for the migrants how want to come to the UK?? Who knows.

It is a tough subject to cover and one that might never stop and might get worse if something isn’t sorted out about that. Channel 4 could do another controversial documentary about this and film it like it was Benefit Street all over again. What do you think to this? What would you do in this situation?

If you want to watch the latest episode of The Last Leg and I do recommend it because it’s that great, here’s a link to the show. The Last Leg episode 1 series 6

Thank you very much for reading this special edition and I will cover more on that subject on my next radio show. Take care guys, you all have been fantastic.