What the ####?! Issue 34

It has officially been a year since I started blogging on WordPress. What a huge change to my life this turned out to be. From a couple of posts I have now on average about 100 views a day and now letting you people show you stuff. Thank you for your posts, I will put one new guest blog until I’m out of lives basically 😃.

It looks like that Harry Shearer is to leave the Simpsons. Yes, the voice of the famous, Ned Flanders, Seymour Skinner and Mr Burns is about to depart from the famous cartoon show after so many years and series, maybe 25 series or something like that.

In a statement to the New York Times, Harry turned down a new pay deal. So now, his characters will now be recast, hopefully if they can find one that does both Ned and Mr Burns then that will be great. Maybe, that Harry is now aged 71, it is probable the right time for him to go.

Can’t believe it really, who is going to able to do some of the best voices in the Simpsons? Ned the always friendly neighbour who lives on his own but one episode did say “Son of a diddly!”. The headmaster Seymour Skinner who always the nagging mother by his side. Mr Burns, the always forceful boss with a mansion house with loads of hounds and trying to divert from a gay relationship with Smithers. Here is an interview back in 2007.

Now what would you do, if there was £25 stuck to a wall in the middle of a busy shopping centre? This was a fascinating experiment carried out when there was a sign saying this money is for people in need only. Most of the people who saw that went straight through. One even put a £5 note onto the wall. But some dudes took the rest of the money and then just laughed and laughed, bastards!!!

But this really does point a question of what would you do, do you just nick it or just leave it? I would want to find a poor homeless person myself and give him all the money to him. He could actually try and find a better place to sleep in, bless him. Tell us what you think.

From a video recently from the guardian, they were testing out something called a selfie drone. It basically, when you get the darn thing to work, follows you around everywhere if it doesn’t go and accidentally hit your head. But is this a good idea, a drone following you everywhere?

It could be used more when you do action shots, like on a skateboard or a snowboard but for elsewhere, a selfie stick would be very wise, if you know which button to press. “Did you get allow us in?” “Damn didn’t press the right button, got us all in black and white.”

Now we got a new world record for a painting, Picasso’s women of Algiers has been sold at auction for an extradionary £115 million which included the commission which turned out to be over £12 million, cheeky 😄. The same auction in New York also sold something called a Pointing Man sculpture for £90.6 million incredibly.

I just don’t understand really why these paintings get sold for so much money, I obviously thought the Mona Lisa was the only painting in the world that would be sold for millions but some people think that other famous paintings or sculptures are worth a bit more. Prefer the car auctions from the programme The Love of Cars, my cup of tea ☕️.

Now how does a family have 13 boys in a row and no daughters? The Schwandt family have made their latest edition to the family on Wednesday and was surprised when the baby came it that it was let another boy. So the family is as follows:

  • Tyler 22
  • Zach 19
  • Drew 18
  • Brandon 16
  • Tommy 13
  • Vinnie 12
  • Calvin 10
  • Gabe 8
  • Wesley 6
  • Charlie 5
  • Luke 3
  • Tucker 21 months

No name has been given for the new boy yet but here are some stats. The chances of having 13 boys in a row is 1 in 8192 (that’s 2 to the power of 13) The odds of having a boy don’t chance, it’s just a toss of a coin 50-50. We would like to give the Schwandt family the best for the future.

Thank you so much for all your likes and comments and thank you for listening to my radio show and having your say and input into it, you’ve been great. I shall post another guest blog in a while and a new one every day. See you guys

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