What the ####?! Issue 33

Hello guys, what a busy week it has been. Shocking results in the general election took everybody by surprise. I won’t mention any of it in this issue, you will have to wait till my radio show were I will give my verdict on what’s happening and the aftermath which there is absolutely loads to discuss, that’s for sure. Thank you also for your comments on the question, I will mention them in my show as well.

Let’s start off this week with something quite extraordinary. Do you remember the story years ago when a man posted himself to Australia in a crate?? No chance of that now. However a boy from the Ivory Coast this week has been smuggled to Spain from Morocco in a suitcase.  Abou was found inside a suitcase carried by a 19 year old woman. The boy was found in a terrible state.

Newspaper reports say that the boy and the 19 year old are not related in any way and was paid by the father to carry the suitcase. Abou’s father lives in the Canary Islands as he was hoped to rejoin his parents. They were found in Ceuta which there has been thousands of people crossing the boarder from them and Melilla every year.

So we know that the boy wanted to reunite with his father, he wasn’t beaten in any way. But how could you live inside a suitcase? No wonder he was found in a bad way. There wouldn’t be any room for food or drink and how long would it take for him to get to the Canary Islands??

I will put this next story out on the radio show for discussion as this is one for the dilemma solvers out there. A woman who was offered a free meal from the Audi garage which damaged her car, ran up a bill of over £700 from a Michelin star London restaurant. 

Siobhan, 27 treated her mother to dinner after her Audi A3 convertible was hit while parked on Watford’s Audi’s forecourt. Audi agreed to pay for a meal of two so they headed to L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Covent Gardens. The bill totalling £714.61 was ‘excessive’ and offered to pay half despite them not having a pay limit.

Lets look at their list:

  • Four glasses of champagne
  • two bottles of wine £138
  • six cocktails £86
  • La Truffe Noire £35
  • 2 scallop dishes £58
  • Risotta’s £42

Want to hear my verdict? Listen to my radio show for the full verdict which includes a conversation on Twitter. But what do you think? Is it right for Audi to only pay half. Or watch this report

Maybe though this next story was an excessive award, I don’t know. A pregnant woman who was left brain damage due to an accidental punctured heart has won a compensation payout of £8 million. From the complicated pregnancy back in 2010, an operation medics pierced one of the chambers of her heart, causing it to stop. It led her to permanent and server brain damage caused by oxygen starvation.

The 22 year old had a full social life with a promising career, now she is left in a wheelchair, unable to work and needs 24 hour care and support. The NHS was quick to apologise and offered a last minute deal which should help the woman out for the rest of her life.

Now this is a life or death situation. You have been taken hostage and you need to do whatever it takes to get yourself out of here. You might also need to think outside the box. So when Cheryl Treadway was allowed to order a pizza using the app, she also typed on the order call 911 hostage help!!!!

Employees at a Pizza Hut in Avon Park noticed the reading and made everyone alerted. They noticed that she was a regular customer and not a prank, so they called the local sheriff. The sheriff saved Cheryl and arrested her boyfriend, Ethan in the process. That was a clever bit of thinking and one that was a very close call. What a story that is.

A nice story to end things one as one of the Top Scottish football teams, St Mirren fans have voted a six year old boy, player of the year. Aaron Woodhall is currently going through four courses of chemotherapy having already having radiotherapy and an operation to remove a brain tumour, all the worries of a young man with cancer.

Aaron was also a mascot to one of St Mirren’s games just hours after being released from surgery the previous month. This is a timely reminder to us all that there are more important things in life than football.

Thank you very much for all your likes and comments this week. Also a thank you for the guest blogs this week which was a welcome change after a few weeks without anything. I will be doing a Formula 1 review on the Spanish Grand Prix and tomorrow a preview of the two hour radio show which i will record today. See ya guys.

6 thoughts on “What the ####?! Issue 33”

  1. The suitcase story – I just can’t imagine being in a suitcase, jostled about, unable to straighten your legs or do anything.
    The Audi story – completely abusive on the part of the people who went to dinner, that was just taking advantage of a kind gesture. Ridiculous behavior!

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