What the ####?! Issue 32

Hello guys, still a little snotty nose but feeling better than I was last week. Gotta stay inside today because of the heavy rain that’s currently falling at the moment. SouthWaves radio are now going to run 24 hours instead of 12 which is a big jump and many questions have been answered with an aim of bringing more unsigned acts to showcase their talent. With my show going to 2 hours long after the latest one, it will be fascinating to see what I can do.

As for the bizarre and shocking stories this week, we will start of with a Russian spacecraft trying to deliver supplies to the international space station is out of control in space and might fall back to earth. The Progress M-27M was launched from Kazakhstan on Tuesday but contact was lost somewhere in the middle of the launch, now with pictures of it in an uncontrollable spin. They predict that the spacecraft might return to earth between 5th- 7th May.

But what will happen if it did hit earth again? Well one expert mentioned that 2/3rd’s of the earth’s surface is water and the likelihood of the spacecraft hitting someone would be so small it’s minuscule. The supplies on-board the International Space Station would start to worry the people on board because they would like 6 months worth of food, water and fuel in advance. Luckily the people do have enough supply until the next launch on 19th June.

This is worrying, it’s a bit like a scarier ride of the film, Gravity with Sandra Bullock who spins round and round and round because of the space debris, gripping stuff. Just make sure it doesn’t hit my house, or else you lot will be having words big time.

If that was bizarre, than maybe this one will catch your eye. Dozens of American Airlines had to be grounded because of a faulty app on the iPad. This was a glitch that caused the iPad software used to view flight plans stopped working. The software is used as a advantage of not having tons of paperwork to carry along.

The full explanation goes something like this: “This issue was with the third-party application, not the iPad, and caused some departure delays last night and this morning.”

“Our pilots have been able to address the issue by downloading the application again at the gate prior to take-off and, as a back-up, are able to rely on paper charts they can obtain at the airport.”

“We apologise for the inconvenience to our customers.”

One conversation on Twitter from a certain Serge Gojkovich, not the clever merrakat obviously. He mentioned that the iPad’s were not working and soon after the American Airlines replied, he was soon in the air, thanks to the pilot printing the maps off. You can never go wrong with paper, technical stuff do go wrong.

So we had an spacecraft out of control and a iPad glitch on aeroplanes. Now if i told you the next story was a town already putting up a Christmas tree in April?!! Have I gone insane!!!! No, this is What the ####?! is all about, let me explain.

Liscard’s Christmas tree last year in the Liverpool area was described as shocking and one of the worst festival display’s ever, it was even surrounding by metal barriers. So with the help of Danny McLeod and John White, they teamed up to organised a winter wonderland in Spring.

The new Christmas tree to be fair does look great and much neater than it was before but that’s not the end of it. Their planes will be to “They’ll be a switch on, there will be Father Christmas here, mulled wine, an ice queen and artificial snow basically just to show people what they can have.” Happy early Christmas to Liscard. This was how they celebrated.

I felt sad after a rat chewed off a tortoises legs off, he didn’t stand a chance. Now Mrs T (no joke), the tortoise has been fitted with some wheels on from a toy plane and designed to an axle which he fitted to the tortoise’s shell using resin. She is trying to learn how to turn and stop. But luckily she is going much faster than before.

I think fitting wheels on a tortoise is genius. Why didn’t she think about it when she tried to beat the hare in the race. You could even replace the footage of the big tortoise from the One Foot in the Grave theme tune with the tortoise on wheels and make it into one final series. Looking at the video, these wheels are huge aren’t there??

Now we all know that having a wedding is one of those moments where you will have the time of your life. But for two circus performers, without any harnesses, they could have ended up being dead. Chris Bull and Phoebe Baker were married above the Gorge at Wookey Hole and that is one mighty drop if they got this wrong.

Chris said at the time, “I proposed to Phoebe in Burma and one of the first conversations we had about the wedding was me saying how cool it would be to get married on a high wire.

“I’d been a rope walker for 12 years and it was something I’d always dreamt about, but I never thought I’d find a wife to agree!”

What a nutter!!! Those sorts of dangers I could think of what there relationship is like. They want to dare as many activities as they can, great sex life, obviously and Chris would probable have a career afterwards of having the best mustache ever. One of the best reports of the year by far!!!!!!!

And that’s the lot, thank you for all your likes and comments throughout the week, don’t send me emails about trying to look after millions of dollars, it’s a scam and not interested. I will do my recordings for the latest radio episode today and I will present the new features to the 2 hour shows. I will though mention them in my preview tomorrow. Have a great week guys, see ya.

8 thoughts on “What the ####?! Issue 32”

  1. Have people just lost their minds? Whatever happened to just going to the Justice of the Peace and getting married while standing on solid ground? When did weddings become more of a theatrical event? I don’t get it. Great post!!! I liked the Christmas tree one, some of the children looked quite baffled.

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