Politics madness

Today’s report comes very worrying reading. The UK has a debt worth trillions of pounds, think it’s the third highest. The institute of finical studies suggested that the four main parties, labour, conservatives, Lib Dems and SNP haven’t provided full enough details of how to cut this huge deficit. To be honest, I don’t want my taxpayers money to help pay for not just the debt but the huge interest on top.

 I will have to live in 20 years time thinking of the same bloody madness this government has left ourselves. No answers to NHS, education may be alright, part time and zero hour contracts bonanza. Maybe the parties are keeping it close to their chests now that elections are well underway. I can’t decide who to vote for, seems like they are worse than each other. This is politics that everyone grabs their own share and doesn’t help at all.

Have a look at this blog by the great Nick Robinson on what he thinks the plans would affect how us Brit’s vote.