Job advertisement 

I have learned yesterday that Microsoft wants to hire more people with austism in full time roles. The ten jobs will be at their Redmond Headquarters. The UK’s national Autisitc society has welcomed the move however saying that more big companies should do the same. Have a look at the link to see this story.

15 thoughts on “Job advertisement ”

  1. My wife works in the software industry, and there are several people she works with who are self-professing “Aspies”. Indeed, abilities such as being able to have hyper-focus and have intense attention to detail, coupled with less interest in loud, heavily-interactive environments, can really be quite a benefit in working in the tech sector. 🙂

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  2. Exciting news! I so agree more companies need to follow suit and watch their companies get whipped into shaped with lots more dedicated talent in their ranks! 🙂

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