What the ####?! – Issue 28 Good Friday Special

Welcome to a special edition of what the ####?! Yesterday was a very busy day, 3 posts all in one day so i will give you a brief summary. The first post was another entry to the Jukebox (#8) also with info about my radio show with the 30 second promo. The 2nd one was I finally got the pictures on Kiara Wilson’s latest edition all about saddlebags. The 3rd is more of an inspiration, a fantastic story about Shanan’s autistic child, well worth a read I think.

The opening story this week is something literally incredible. Louis Jordan was found lost at sea after almost 2 months of searching for him. After his sailboat was overturned, Mr Jordan was sitting on the hull from where he was hosted to safety. He survived adrift in the Atlantic Ocean on a diet of raw fish and rainwater.

How he survived for 2 whole months at sea is just beyond me this. There must be many, many stories to tell even if it’s just miles upon miles of ocean to cover. He was only 200 miles from the North Carolina Coast so it must be either going forwards and backwards or he will see Portugal first, or Ireland, or Iceland if he was lucky. Louis, you are one very lucky person.

Now is Amazon going beyond crazy with this latest idea, it’s a dash button. This device can be placed for orders that need replenishing if you like, so it could be something like razors and washing powder. So it looks like they are targeting supermarkets as well.

So how does it work? from their website. Dash Button is simple to set up. Use the Amazon app on your smartphone to easily connect to your home Wi-Fi network and select the product you want to reorder with Dash Button. Once connected, a single press automatically places your order. Amazon sends an order alert to your phone, so it’s easy to cancel if you change your mind. Unless you elect otherwise, Dash Button responds only to your first press until your order is delivered.

So lets see, you can only buy stuff your going to use repetitively and instead of going to the supermarket last minute, it will probable delivery to your house the next day. First thought, it doesn’t work at all. You might as well go to the supermarket late at night to purchase them if you are so desperate. But you never know, some people might buy it and it will overtake Apple’s iwatch in terms of sales. See if this promotion video works for you.

Now it’s not everyday at a 500 year old bed is left at a hotel car park and not surprisingly, it’s now been claimed. The bed which suggested to be worth more than £20 million was used by the great King Henry VII (not Henry VIII). This was successfully owned by Henry VII after confirming DNA match. Ian Coulson bought the bed for only £2,200. SELL IT NOW!!!!!!! BE A MILLIONAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said.

Some more lucky escapes now and a woman has suffered massive head injuries after a falling window hit her head, five stories high in the air, during high winds. Despite a loud bang at the time, she luckily didn’t suffer any life threatening injuries. A witness said that the window was the size of a normal door with a wooden frame.

Nobody could even imagine what it will be like if you get hit on the head by a huge window. If this happen in New York or Boston with massive, tall skyscrapers, she would have died by now because of the force. She is one very lucky woman and I hope she recovers from her injuries. Click on the link for more info.

Falling window hits woman in London

A pig who fell into a swimming pool in Dorset was saved by Firefighters. After Pigwig, the pig was trapped inside the swimming pool, firefighters used rescue boards, strops and lines to tug the stranded pig out. The fire and rescue team was joined by the specialist animal rescue team in effort to free the pig out.

That is a great rescue but my concern is, how did Pigwig get into the swimming pool in the first place? Is the family home actually got a farm in it as well? Or was Pigwig trying to do the impossible? Walk on water? That might be something for another issue but thank god Pigwig is ok.

Pigwig the Pig rescued from swimming pool

Now Google maps are brilliant to look at if you want to know where your going. They go around in their car to record and capture footage of every street in the world and upload them to their website. But this week hasn’t gone all plain sailing. A woman was captured by one of those cars, while showing her boobs. She started early!!!

Karen Davis is now accused of disorderly behavior and will appear at a local court at a later date. Karen defends her decision and said it’s a tick of her bucket list. She also said “There was no child harmed in the making, my children don’t have to go to therapy because of it, I didn’t give an old man a heart attack – that I’m aware of.”

This is such a funny story because she will now go to court, trying not to laugh in the process because according to her it’s a low scale crime. If which I do agree with, she was only having some fun, she likes her body although I won’t be surprised if she was drunk. Good luck Karen.

The final story of the week is very sweet. We know about airplane crashes this year over at Malaysia and at the Alps, the latest one. This inspired a passenger to write a thank you letter to the pilot which is so, so sweet. You want to read the full letter, I shall read the letter out loud on my radio show Tuesday 8pm GMT on SouthWaves radio. Or watch this, it’s excellent.

And that is it for this Issue, thank you so much for all your likes and comments. I’ve received many congratulations for my big announcement that I will be doing a radio show and I thank you so much, it means the world and I do hope you listen to the show. More news on the radio show will appear sometime before the first show. Remember it’s Tuesday 8pm GMT on SouthWaves radio via the website or the TuneIn app. See you guys.