Formula 1 Malaysia Grand Prix 2015 Review

Ferrari are back

After a while of waiting, Ferrari have become competitive once again and has totally changed the championship picture for this year. Their pace was straight throughout the weekend, with great race pace from Friday practice and Vettel almost getting pole position by less than a tenth of a second.

But it wasn’t just pace that won them the race in the end, it was the early strategy when the safety car called out because of Marcus Erricson’s trip to the gravel. With the Mercedes coming in, Vettel stayed out and used his pace to develop a healthy lead and to stop one less than the rest of the field.

That key call was inspired which ultimately won Sebastian Vettel a famous victory for Ferarri. Could we see another German- Ferarri dominance? Maybe the Michael Schmaucher days will be a long way yet but this was a promising start to the season.

James Allison said it spot on we’re it feels dreadful when you keep losing because everyone has worked so hard and then suddenly this winning feeling comes back and it just elates you to have the greatest feeling in the world. And any tattoo’s for the manager????

Kimi Raikkonen made the pace with Vettel throughout, however the second qualifying session was all a rush with Kimi just missing out of the top 10. The race pace was more laid back but he still finishes 4th comfortably.

Not a two horse race anymore

This really took Mercedes out by surprise even being conservative with their pit stops instead of staying out cost them. Hamilton and Rosberg had to pass so many cars when the safety car came in, it would make their job easier or harder on how fast they pass everyone. Rosberg took a lot longer it seems than Hamilton to get some clear air.

Hamilton is in talks of a brand new contract but even his relationship isn’t smooth sailing as he tried to get some silence in the race, almost going off at one point. The harder tyre didn’t prove anything special for Hamilton as he has to settle for 2nd ahead of Rosberg. Let this three way fight continue 😃.

Qualifying roundabout

Qualifying in Sepang was one of the more fascinating sessions to watch with the likelihood of rain getting closer, many people were in the hurry to get through. The first part had many bright lightning strikes which disturbed the pictures. Having both Manor and McLaren cars knocked out were not a surprise even though McLaren were closer than before.

It was a race to the end of the pit lane for second qualifying session and finding space to get a lap in. Raikkonen missed out by a whisker while Hamilton only just scraped through before claiming pole in final session. Having a wet final session was great with both Red Bull drivers and Max Verstappen impressing.

Passes a plenty

This was an action packed race, all over the place there were passes as good as the other. Not all of them were perfect though. Both Force India drivers had ten seconds added on for various collisions. Hulkenberg tried to squeeze pass both Red Bulls into turn two but collided with Kyvat. No damage was done luckily.

Romain Grosjean tried an ambitious pass round the outside of turn 11 with Sergio Perez but Perez just made the slightest of contacts, sending the Lotus driver to a spin. The penalty for that one was kinda harsh.

Max Verstappen was very impressive throughout the race and making moves against his team mate Carlos Sainz Jr. and Daniel Riccardo were among the highlights for an 7th place finish and the youngest driver ever to score points.

The pass of the race was pretty hard but late on into the race were Valterri Bottas manage to pass his team-mate Felipe Massa was spectacular, a bold statement for the Finn who missed the first race because of a back problem.

No German Grand Prix

This will be the first time since 1960 that here will be no German Grand Prix. Finicially, Hockenheim or the Nurburgring cannot afford to host the Grand Prix even the help with Mercedes couldn’t persuade people to change their minds. 

My highlight of German Grand Prix’s was were Rubens Barricello won his first Grand Prix in 2000 from way back on the grid, making ground out of everyone and stayed out in the rain to win. The emotions showed on the podium is a classic Formula 1 highlight. And don’t think Jos Verstappen’s Fire in the pitstops.


Driver of the race – Sebastian Vettel (perfect)

Villain of the weekend – FIA Stewards in penalising the Forde India drivers

Young star of the week – Max Verstappen 

Unluckiest driver – Will Stevens (manor)

Highlight of the weekend – all the passes and action throughout the race


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What the ####?! Issue 27

There we are, hotel has been booked for my trip to Littlehampton for the middle of April. This will be an exciting journey for me and I’m really looking forward to having my little trip and exploring a whole new area of the UK. Now to this weeks most shocking and surprising stories of the week.

There have been some huge headlines this week and I want to start this week with the mysteries surrounding the plane crash at the Alps. From what we know, the co-pilot locked the main pilot out of the cockpit when the co-pilot wanted to destroy the plane according to the “blank box” voice recorder.

From when the pilot tried to re-enter the building, the plane was absolutely silent as he tried to fly the plane by himself until a few seconds of screaming from the passengers until the crash happened. The co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz also hid details of an illness including the day of the actually crash itself, denying reports that he had depression. Although several medicines were found. The new rules set up by the European Aviation Safety Agency said that two crew members should be present at the cockpit at all times.

This is pretty shocking, even when doing such an important role to fly the plane all over the world. Mental or health issues are a huge deal because you never know if they aren’t mentally prepared, or even if they suffer like a heart attack and you will then have to take over. If the reports are true that he deliberately crashed the plane, then these issue surrounding illness and possible depression do have such a profound effect when doing your job, you should just have a week off or something like that to recover. It’s a tragic accident and my heart goes out to all the passengers who lost their lives.

A couple of breaking heart stories now, for both men and women. The verdict is in and Jeremy Clarkson has been dropped from Top Gear. This comes from reports of a fracas on a Top Gear producer over no hot food in the hotel. This decision has divided opinion from everyone really, even a guy using a tank and dressed up as the Stig didn’t help at all.

What do I think? It has ruined my Sunday nights but i think it is right for him to go. No matter how good you are as a presenter, we have learned from the last few years that even the best people will get found out by something and done for, Rolf Harris was a prime example. I do however have some great memories because Top Gear was a fantastic programme, ridiculous challenges, naughty boys just having fun and top guests, what more can you ask.

So what is the future of Top Gear?? Richard Hammond and James May haven’t decided where they stand but if they do stay, we would need a replacement and there are tons and tons of candidates. To name a few we have, Jodie Kidd, James Martin, Chris Evans (probable not), Suzie Perry, Dermot O Leary (quit X factor huge news!!!!). Who should replacement Jeremy Clarkson? I love to see what you think.

For breaking girls hearts, One Direction’s Zayn Malik has left the band saying that he just couldn’t take it anymore and just want to be a normal 22 year old. The show went on without Zayn on Saturday night as the four piece band now had a concert in Johannesburg, with many fans trying to persuade Zayn to return. Zayn is reportingly spoke to Naughty Boy to do a solo career.

The thing I did heard from my mum earlier in the week was people actually cutting themselves for Zayn or in some cases committing suicide. I know that One D have such massive followers all over the world and this is pretty similar to what happened at Take That with Robbie Williams. Let’s have a little history of Zayn’s time at One Direction with his love interests and highlights etc..

In this day of age, how can you escape prison? Could you hire a hit man, a sort of Bruce Willis or Steve Austin type? Could you dig your way out of prison? Unlikely. But some idiot actually found a way around the system and here’s how.

Neil Moore was on reprimand when he use a illicit mobile phone to create a fake email account. He posed as a senior court clerk and sent bail instructions to prison staff who released him on 10th March 2014. He was found out though three days later by solicitors as they went to interview him, only to find out that he was gone.

But this was just a taste of what Neil Moore actually done in the past. He was posing as staff from various banks so that large organisations can give him money. In total he was given almost £2million. Luckily he has pleaded guilty to all charges and will be sentenced on April 20th. Not as clever as you may think boy!!!!!

A lovely, story to end this blog encounters a company in Lincolnshire who actually created a seven foot tall Easter egg. Jan Hansen wants to create large Easter egg’s for charity. They actually spend the entire weekend laying chocolate onto a metal frame which in total took them 20 hours to make.

The size of the Easter Egg would probable take you weeks to eat knowing the huge size of the thing. Do you still eat Easter Eggs, even if your not a child, you still carrying on eating them as an adult? I couldn’t eat five Easter eggs in a day, I would get sick.

Thank you so much for all your likes, comments and reblog’s on my post in which I am very grateful all. We have had great songs added into your jukebox in which you can still comment on songs you love in which I shall add them to the list. There may be a huge announcement soon, i will run a few tests and if i’m happy with them and a few questions answered then we should have the green light to go. See ya guys.