What I would put into Room 101

if you haven’t seen the show Room 101, it’s about celebrities talking about their pet hates in different categories and why it makes them annoyed. Everyone haves pet hates and I would love to know what your pet hates are. Let’s put a few categories on and I will tell you mine.


People who put far too much makeup on

These mainly rely on teenagers who appear on Snog, Marry, Avoid. The amount of people who put stuff like fake eyelashes, extensions, self tanning, looking like drag queens, I mean who would want to go out with them, let alone have a snog with them. I mean maybe the younger men would fancy someone that looked like Lady Gaga, I don’t know. Time wise as well putting the makeup on would take hours and hours to do, I would look constantly on my watch and go “are you done yet dear”. If you want to impress me, then just look natural, try not to look like BeyoncΓ© or Jennifer Lopez.

Modern Life

Slow internet connection

It’s been a constant problem all through since we first got the Internet with the old Aol 8 dial up with the loud screeching noise when trying to connect. Nowadays we have to wait for the next big thing to come which is fibre optic which they say should be ready by summer of this year but we kind of need it now. Because we are using so many devices that connect up to the Internet, it’s a sudden battle of who could load up the website first, my IPad or my mums. I would try and look at websites that help combat slow connection and Google Chrome helps with that in a way however it’s the connection that is the main culprit.

Food and drink

Icecram pots in events or cinemas

It’s strange for me to pick this but it’s incredible simple. The pots you get are so small in size and you would get a plastic spoon to demolish the ice cream that it would only last you about 2 minutes. And it’s expensive as well. You would be better off going to the nearest restaurant and order yourself one of those huge sundaes for exactly the same price and it would be so much nicer to eat as well. Some of my favourite desserts come from sundaes that I love to dig in and experience so many different flavours. 


Driving etiquette 

There are so many bad drivers out there which don’t follow the basic principles, I literally curse myself everyday when some idiot doesn’t follow a sign or doesn’t indicate to say we’re they going. I sometimes don’t put my indicators on by mistake we all have. But they are more dangerous stuff out there, somebody who is in a hurry thinks to himself, I’m going to overtake everyone I see until there’s a car coming and I pull in at the last minute. If you was ahead of me mate, I wouldn’t leave you a free space, I will let you crash and see the error of your ways. Using your mobile phone while driving is another of my pet hates, look where you bloody going instead of going “OMG” to your best friend of your iPhone. 

Honestly I could go on forever about driving etiquette but what are your pet hates that you love to see in Room 101. I would love to see a list as long as your weekly shopping.

11 thoughts on “What I would put into Room 101”

  1. Argh! Totally get the driving thing. I often think to myself “is it just me or does no one use their indicators anymore”? It’s not hard, it’s not rocket science, you know you’re going to turn but no one else does, hence the indicator stick – USE IT! Oh and the phone thing whilst driving – don’t get me started….!!! : – #

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  2. I like your list. Mine would be people who leave things in the sink(coffee grounds,etc), people who don’t get people on the spectrum and act like they do, and a demanding cat who meows excessively and drops her fur tufts where she pleases.

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    1. I tend to leave things in the sink but then wash it up in the evening. I always thought when I’m working that if I see a cat meowing, then it needs some company. Always offer them to follow me if they wished but they don’t do that, poor thing


  3. I too have a hate on for too much makeup…especially on older women because quite frankly it makes you look OLDER and not in a nice way. And yeah spray on tans – ick ick ick! Orange is not the new black in this case.

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