Pause for thought – Improve all Wednesday’s

We now have entered the midweek moment where times will drag out and you feel all feed up inside. Work seems to last forever, all you have is bad news and nothing positive for this world.

I encourage anyone to make Wednesday more excited, like call it a wicked Wednesday. Do something daring and different to any day of the week. Take a different route to work, explore new horizons, learn something new that will intrigue you or try and just relax and chill out 😉.

You could for example have a film night every Wednesday, choose a movie you fancy and slop on the sofa. I usually enjoy Mid Week Mosh on the Simon Mayo radio show on BBC radio 2, were the listeners pick there suggestions for some good old rock tunes which hardly get played and they want to make you scream out loud, hell yeah!!!!! 😄😄😄

One of things I recently started doing it as subscribing to podcasts on my iPad and I’m surprised to see how good they are. Shows and sports podcast on the outs I follow and how intriguing and fascinating the talks can be. The football phone ins can be a bit spicy, especially with Robbie Savage. Tazz who is a former wrestler and does commentary for TNA is a fantastic expert who has only just started doing a podcast, great choice if you like wrestling.

So make Wednesday’s your wicked Wednesday and don’t let the mid week blues take over you like the chilly, bitty, cold wind that blows around this season. And if you have any tips to improve Wednesday’s than your suggestions are welcome as well.