Pursuit for racing Perfection – TOCA Race Driver 3

This was one of the favourite racing games for the ps2 and i remember getting the demo of this game all these years ago, feeling really excited and it didn’t disappoint back then. I did have the PC version for a time but trying a racing game in a keyboard is really hard and a controller is a lot better, so I got the original ps2 version instead.

There are various settings which if you change the setting responses to the brake and acceleration, it will actually feel like the pedals on the car because you can control how much brake and acceleration you apply when you actually drive the car. However you could play it as two different games, it is an arcade feel or you can have it more as a sim.

When you drive without any of the pro-sim on, the racing becomes very fast and it’s all about bravely, how fast you want to take the corner, maybe the racing is harder that way. With pro-sim, you can turn on handling, damage and gravel trap, the driving becomes a lot more realistic and you feel how heavy these cars are and it takes a lot more skill to drive. It is lots of fun to drive and you always try and find that extra edge.The g-force counter I love on screen and you can control the engine, damage and tyre performance as well. The graphics aren’t too bad at all and there are loads of variety of tracks and cars to choose from.

There are two different modes to the career, world tour goes through different tiers of events until you get to the ultimate championship, racing a Williams Grand Prix car. The other mode is Pro Career and it is superb. You can go into 6 different categories of racing, classic, GT, Oval, touring Cars, Off-road and open wheel. You start from the bottom and then you work your way up to the top form on each category. The level of detail is brilliant, you can change the difficulty, how many laps, use of flags, it’s like being in your own championship. This you can happily play for many, many hours.

The variety of the tracks let’s you go all over the world, from Silverstone and Brands Hatch to Adeliade and Shanghai are all great with some various different routes. The cars have as much variety as well, from classics you get to drive Formula One cars from the 60’s and 80’s, touring cars have DTM and V8 supercars and GT have Caterhams and even Can-Am cars.

The look of the game is simple and polish and this is a game that you can play for many, many hours. As a PS2 game, it was fantastic and now after all these years and playing more realistic racing games, this still proves to be a top 5 contender and is a great contender for racing perfection.

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