David Snape & Friends – A place to be inspired and show off your skills

Hello folks,

Since I started doing my blog on WordPress,  I can’t believe the amount of views and likes that have been happening and I want to thank you guys so much for following and supporting me throughout this time

A place to be inspired and show off your skills is what this blog is all about. Email me at davidsnape2@gmail.com or use @davidsnape7 on Twitter to present to me your stuff and I will post them for you. I want to see your inspiration, what makes you tick, if your are lucky, I will mention the story on my radio show, now exclusively on Mixcloud.

My radio show on Mixcloud will have a brand new episode every Monday so look out for every new edition on my posts and enjoy the show. There will be news topics, post of the week, fascinating interviews and great music for all genres. Look on my radio show page for more info.

You can even me interested in doing an interview on my radio show. If you are interested you can use the email address provided davidsnape2@gmail.com and tell me what you want to talk about on the interview. You can be in a band, write a book or talk about your specialist subject/job/hobby. Or you can take part in the Pyramid quiz as well, it is a general knowledge quiz that the questions gets harder as you move up the pyramid, you score will be on our leader-board against other competitors.

Let’s make this a revolution in terms of blogging and join me in this adventure. Who’s gonna join me? 😃😃

Best Wishes

David Snape


P.S Do not hid under a lampshade and be anonymous, like Sia 


988 thoughts on “David Snape & Friends – A place to be inspired and show off your skills”

  1. Hey David! Thanks for following me!! I like what you have done with your site, looks great! I am interested in doing an interview with you on your radio, just because I love to talk and get to know others and share my thoughts with everyone! If you would have me, I would be honorer! But first, how did you start your radio show? And what do you normally like to talk about? Can’t wait to speak with you soon🙂

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    1. Hello, thank you very much for your interest. I started the radio show really as a thank you for everyone on WordPress that are supporting me along the way. We talk about a lot of different subjects in the radio so for the interview is there any particular subject you would want the interview to be based on?


      1. Thank you for having such an interactive site for your followers and readers! How long have you been on WordPress may I ask? Hmm, I am an open book so I don’t mind talking about anything. I like to share my perspectives and also hear others, possibly yours on things like daily inspirations, ways to deal with challenges and mental health, photography. Those are things that my blog mainly focuses on so those would be all great topics to talk about! I am very excited to speak with you and learn more about your radio show! Thanks so much David!

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      2. I’ve been in WordPress for about two years now. Those subjects I’m happy to talk about for an interview. What we do in my interviews is we use Skype. If you haven’t got an account then any telephone number will do. I’m a postman by day so I would usually do the interviews at around 6pm GMT the earliest. If your from outside the UK, we can work out the time difference.

        What day would be best for you to do the interview?


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